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  • Info and equipment

    • What is YOYO?

      XEV YOYO is a L7 heavy quadricycle.

    • What kind of power supply does it have?

      It's fully electric, no petrol, just batteries.

    • What is the autonomy?

      The autonomy of XEV YOYO is up to 150 km.
      The maximum range may vary according to use, the road surface and the active on-board systems (air conditioning, heating, etc.)

    • Does it have disc brakes and ABS?

      Yes, XEV YOYO is equipped with 4 disc brakes and ABS emergency braking.

    • Does it have regenerative braking? Disk brakes? ABS?

      Yes, it has regenerative braking and it is possible to view the amount of regenerated energy with the blue bar that appears on the screen under the READY wording (the green bar is engine consumption instead).
      To trigger regenerative braking, simply press the brake pedal slightly, normal braking is triggered more than halfway down the pedal.

    • Does YOYO have gears?

      No, XEV YOYO is automatic since being a fully electric vehicle it does not need gears or gearboxes, it does not have a clutch, the engine is direct drive.
      Four modes can be selected:

      R – Reverse (Reverse)
      N – Neutral
      D – Drive/Eco
      S – Sports

    • Can you change driving modes on the go?

      While moving, you can change freely between D (Drive) and S (Sport) but you have to be stationary to engage N (Neutral) or R (Reverse).

    • Can I always drive XEV YOYO in S mode?

      Yes, but consumption will increase and therefore the maximum range will decrease.

    • What is the turning radius?

      The turning radius is less than 4 meters.

    • Where can I find the instructions and all the technical specifications?

      You can find all the technical specifications HERE

    • How many seats does YOYO have?

      The YOYO has two seats, driver and passenger.

    • Can animals be transported on the YOYO?

      Yes, the animals must, however, be transported in a cage or kennel and in the trunk.

    • Is YOYO safe? Does it have airbags?

      XEV YOYO has a sturdy steel skeleton that surrounds the cockpit and side anti-penetration bars and is also equipped with an emergency stop button.
      The current version is not equipped with an airbag.

    • What is it and where do I find the emergency stop button?

      It is the emergency shut-off switch (red button located between the seats) which completely disconnects the high voltage system from the batteries (but not the service battery).
      The button should only be pressed in an emergency, with the vehicle stationary.
      You can find the red button already screwed between the seats or alternatively together with the supplied accessories.

    • How does it open? How does the key work?

      Entry is keyless. To open XEV YOYO, press the button on the driver's door, keeping the key in your pocket.
      From the key you can also open and close the windows with the car off by holding down the closing or opening button. If you lock the vehicle with the windows open, they will close by themselves.
      In the event of an emergency, the door can be opened with the physical key that can be extracted from the XEV YOYO key.

    • Does XEV YOYO have an anti-theft device?

      Yes, and you can make it ring remotely to find the car.

    • How does it start?

      To start the engine, press the START-STOP button located on the instrument panel, next to the climate controls.
      To start the car, the key must be in the passenger compartment and must have a charged battery.

    • Does it have rear view camera or sensors?

      No, YOYO does not have a rear view camera and sensors.

    • Does it support audio over Bluetooth?

      Just connect your phone via password “1234” to the “XEV 2020” or “XEV” network.
      The connection can be used to hear the audio of any application for iOS, Android devices or in general equipped with a Bluetooth card.

    • Is YOYO's screen touch-sensitive?

      Current YOYO models do not have a touch screen.

    • Does YOYO have radio?

      Current YOYOs do not have a radio, you can still listen to the radio via the app on the phone connected via Bluetooth.

    • Does YOYO have a towbar?

      Yes, the hook is located in front under the driver's side bumper.

    • How many USB ports does YOYO have?

      XEV YOYO has three USB sockets, located under the armrest (two) and in the glove box on the dashboard (one), on the passenger side.

    • What license do you need to drive YOYO? And from what age?

      YOYO, as a heavy quadricycle L7 is equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, and can therefore be ridden from 16 years with the B1 license or B licence.

    • Is changing tires mandatory on YOYO?

      Changing tires is mandatory, but XEV YOYO is delivered with standard 4-season tyres.

    • Is it possible to transport a child using the car seat (carrycot)?

      Absolutely yes, it is sufficient that the backrest is facing the windscreen and that the airbags are not present or are deactivated. However, YOYO is not equipped with Isofix attachments.

  • Usage and operating costs

    • Can you park for free on the blue lines? On scooter seats? In front of the columns?

      It depends on the Municipality, but generally it is possible to park XEV YOYO for free on the blue lines. In some Municipalities it is also possible to park for free on the spaces reserved for scooters.
      Please check with your municipality. It is possible to stop in the stalls in front of the columns only for the time necessary to recharge.

    • Can YOYO enter the ZTL?

      XEV YOYO can enter the ZTL and as a heavy quadricycle it does not need to report the license plate in the Municipality. Please check with your municipality.

    • Can YOYO circulate on the bus lanes?

      No, it is not possible to use the preferential lanes with XEV YOYO.

    • Can YOYO circulate on all roads?

      XEV YOYO can circulate freely in urban areas and on all roads with blue signs, including extra-urban, main extra-urban, urban and fast-moving urban areas. It cannot be used on the motorway, ring roads and in general on all roads with green signs.

    • How and where is it recharged?

      To recharge, simply open the front charging flap with the lever positioned to the left of the pedals and then insert the charging cable first from the side of the column/socket and then from the side of the vehicle. It is important to connect XEV YOYO last otherwise charging may not start.
      It is possible to charge the YOYO from home with the supplied mode 2 cable or from the column, with the mode 3 cable.

    • Does it go faster if I load from the column?

      Charging from the column goes at the same speed as home charging. XEV YOYO is not equipped with a fast charge system, therefore, even with the use of columns suitable for fast charge, the charging times do not vary.

    • How much does a full tank cost?

      The cost varies according to the top-up method used, public or domestic. In the case of public charging via a column, the average cost per 100 km of charging is around €2.00.
      In the case of home recharging, the cost is lower and varies according to the price per kW.

    • What is the cost of the stamp duty?

      XEV YOYO is exempt for the first 5 years. Subsequently, the cost of the stamp varies between € 20 and € 35 per year. In some Regions the exemption is for life.

    • Is it possible to program YOYO recharging via photovoltaics?

      XEV YOYO can be charged with photovoltaics, but it is not possible to program the recharge as the vehicle records the moment the plug is connected as input to start the recharge and not when there is current.

  • Maintenance

    • When is the coupon done?

      The first must be done after 3 months or upon reaching 2,000 km. Then simply follow the instructions in the use and warranty booklet, available HERE

    • What happens when the battery runs out?

      Below 20% of autonomy XEV YOYO goes into reserve and goes into "turtle" mode in which performance is limited. When you are close to reaching 20% ​​of autonomy, it is advisable to recharge XEV YOYO as soon as possible.

    • Why doesn't XEV YOYO recharge?

      Remember to connect the vehicle last both with recharging from the column and with home recharging. In case of domestic recharging, do not use extension cords.

    • Can XEV YOYO climb steep hills?

      YOYO climbs perfectly without problems even in D mode.
      For very steep climbs and especially when there are two of you on board, the use of the Sport mode is recommended.

    • Can YOYO's batteries be removed?

      Private users cannot remove the batteries, which must instead be removed by a specialized technician in case of assistance or to perform Battery Swapping at authorized points.

    • Is there an APP to control the machine with?

      The XEV YOYO APP is under development and will not be available before 2023.

    • Why does YOYO make a sound when driving at speeds below 25km/h?

      It's about AVAS, a mandatory sound by law since November 2021 for all electric / hybrid vehicles.
      It is used to warn pedestrians of the arrival of a particularly quiet vehicle which could be dangerous for the visually impaired.

    • What to do if you have to leave YOYO idle for more than a week?

      Press the appropriate red button between the seats. Open the hood and disconnect the negative pole of the battery to prevent it from discharging.
      To start using YOYO again, simply reconnect the negative pole and release the red button, pulling it upwards.

    • What to do if XEV YOYO does not turn on?

      Call the toll-free number 800 087 582 and contact your dealer for assistance.
      Any repairs in unauthorized centers could invalidate the guarantee.

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