A Brighter Future
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A Brighter Future

XEV presents their total mobility solutions and technologies at the IAA Munich Motor show, Hall A2. Booth A2.0, 7-12 September 2021.

At XEV, we believe our next generation cities should be green cities. Places where we are able to engage in exciting and dynamic lifestyles without detriment to our environment.

However, with urban and personal mobility such a crucial part of everyday life, many of our cities are congested and polluted, and as a result, our quality of life negatively impacted.

In this year’s IAA Mobility Motor Show, XEV is presenting its innovative solutions for the future of responsible urban mobility.

YOYO, XEV’s first all-electric city car

Launched in May 2021, the YOYO remains at the core of our vision. lts advanced technical content and compact, stylish design makes it perfect for daily transport needs in cities and urban areas. With prices starting from €13,900 (before green incentives) the YOYO is truly made for everyone.

Smart control

Being connected is an integral part of everyday life, which is why every YOYO comes ready to be paired to our specially developed App. This allows far convenient access to remote vehicle control features and gives you a smarter way to keep track of and plan your charging needs.

XEV Battery Xchange, first in Europe

The fact that charging a battery is not as quick or convenient as refuelling, means many people are reluctant to make the move to an electric vehicle. To tackle this, XEV together with our strategic partner ENI, will debut the innovative XEV Battery Xchange system at the 2021 IAA in Munich. This system is the first of its kind in Europe and allows far batteries to be swapped in just a few minutes. Together, XEV and ENI will be deploying Battery Xchange cabinets at numerous ENI service stations to give YOYO owners a simple and convenient experience and to help break down the barriers to electric car ownership.

3D Printing customization

Our goal has always been to offer a more personal product experience. Thanks to our commitment to creativity and innovation, this ambition is now a reality. At the 2021 IAA, we will show our 3D printing technology in production form for the first time. From now, the future of personal transport is more exciting and unique than ever before, and we look forward to helping our customers create their perfect, tailor-made YOYO.

The next generation of urban mobility is here. Make your future a reality with XEV.