Eni: strategic agreement with XEV which aims at the Italian industrial chain for vehicle assembly
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Eni: strategic agreement with XEV which aims at the Italian industrial chain for vehicle assembly

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 30 May 2022 – The collaboration between Eni and XEV is expanding after the launch of the Enjoy electric car sharing scheme in Turin, and is now focusing on the decarbonisation strategy. The two companies have signed a cooperation agreement to explore areas of collaboration concerning research and development into sustainable mobility systems to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, the development of battery swapping technology and the assembly of the car manufacturer’s vehicles.

XEV operates in the planning, design and production of electric vehicles and integrated charging and connection systems. Eni is an integrated energy company committed to the energy transition with concrete actions to achieve total decarbonisation of products and processes by 2050. The two companies share the common goal of offering innovative and environmentally friendly services and products to motorists.

The agreement is aimed at developing the electric city car sector jointly, in particular to implement XEV’s battery swapping technology, but also for the possible assembly of XEV vehicles or parts of them in Italy and for the management of the car battery life cycle from production to installation, maintenance and end-of-life through recycling.

A feasibility study will be dedicated to an industrial project involving the production by Eni of vehicle parts, accessories and tyres by using materials and processes from industrial sites in Italy, including from renewable chemistry.

Giuseppe Ricci, General Manager of Energy Evolution at Eni, said: «I am particularly happy that we have this innovative partnership, which involves the future of new generations, the energy transition and Eni’s multidisciplinary approach. It is a future that we at Eni know how to imagine, and one that we enjoy building together with partners who know how to work as a team with passion and enthusiasm».