XEV YOYO MY23 arrives in Italy
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XEV YOYO MY23 arrives in Italy

Milan, 14th June 2023 – After the anticipation of the Paris International Motor Show last October 2022, XEV YOYO MY23 arrives in Italy, marking another milestone in the vision of the Turin-based company which has earned the role of pioneer of a smart, innovative and environmentally friendly mobility. YOYO MY23 was presented in its four new versions: Easy, City, Tech and Premium, equipped with options designed to meet the increasingly complex needs of the individual, the heart of the urban mobility system conceived by XEV.

The 100% electric city car, which responds to a need for urban mobility with practicality, technology and an unmistakable design, improves in every aspect: from performance, to driving comfort, to the green approach. 

“YOYO MY23 starts from the concept of a quadricycle providing the driving perception of a car. The suspension, bodywork, quality of the interior materials, infotainment and powertrain are completely renewed, while the more powerful battery allows for an increase in range of over 30%.” Declares Andrea Campello CEO of XEV Trade, responsible for marketing XEV on the EMEA market. “You can think of YOYO as a sort of mobility appliance, capable of making the urban journeys for which it was designed more pleasant and practical, but at the same time versatile for even extra-urban use, as well as transversal for companies and individuals and for the whole the family, being drivable from the age of 16”. 

Placing people at the center of the driving experience by giving them the power to choose: this was the fundamental element in the creation of the YOYO concept which, with the 2023 Model Year and its 4 new versions, is capable of responding to the most diverse needs reconfirming its primacy as a transversal car.

Equipped with a 7” screen with a practical and new interface and new connection for the smartphone, it is an agile and compact city car in size as well as in price. Available in the Pure White and Space Black colors, it is a smart car that makes electric mobility accessible to all and that is capable of attracting the attention of fleets by distinguishing itself for its sustainable approach, comfort and the added value of the design of the car that is suitable for customization by companies.

With YOYO City, the city is at your fingertips thanks to the 10" touch screen equipped with an immediate and interactive interface, supported by Apple Car Play and Android Auto. YOYO City is the accessible and safe choice for family travel, proving to be a transversal vehicle that can be driven from 16 years with a B1 license.

It is available in Pure White, Space Black and Urban Grey colors and in the bright Fresh Lime and Electric Blue.

The practicality of YOYO in its Tech version reaches the highest levels thanks to the presence of the electric power steering. If parking was already simple thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and 4m turning radius, today with YOYO Tech it becomes child's play.

YOYO Tech is available in Urban Grey, Midnight Blue, Mochaccino and super trendy Crushed Mint, previewed at the Paris Motor Show.
YOYO Premium

In the Premium version of YOYO, attention to style and research into details demonstrate XEV's focus on design: a key element in the development of the city car concept. The objective in the design of YOYO was in fact to create something distinctive and immediately recognizable as demonstrated by the brand new 15" alloy wheels characteristic of the Premium version: a detail to make your head spin.

YOYO Premium is available in the brand new Crushed Mint color and Prototype Grey.
Not a vehicle but an integrated mobility system

XEV was created with the aim of developing, through innovation, cutting-edge technology and design, a pleasant, smart and ethical method of traveling in the city, creating an ecosystem of integrated mobility, accessible in cost. YOYO's key innovation: the battery swapping system which, by combining with traditional recharging from the home network and column, makes it the cross-mobility solution of XEV. Suitable for individuals, companies and in particular for car sharing, YOYO breaks down the two fundamental detractors of the electricity market: price and autonomy.

XEV, making urban mobility a joy for everyone.