Teoresi Group is official XEV Cars partner
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Teoresi Group is an official XEV partner

XEV - Born for change
Teoresi Group

Teoresi Group and XEV together with the aim of simplifying everyone's life through an advanced urban mobility solution.

Teoresi Group, an avant-garde company in engineering services, offers an innovative approach in close synergy with the Research and Development sectors of the major industrial brands. Wherever there is technological evolution, Teoresi is there! With this mantra, the Group is always looking for new innovative projects where they can bring their know-how. The purpose of Teoresi? Generate opportunities for the life of all of us!

Our future

XEV and Teoresi collaborate together in order to achieve a single goal: to make smart mobility even more SMART! Our aim is to simplify everyone's life by introducing a new concept of mobility.


Relax and let yourself be guided by YOYO


100% connected thanks to innovative technology


To simplify the mobility of all

A specially designed system

A specially designed system

The collection of information is done through HD video cameras, lidar, ultrasound, radar, GPS. Subsequently they are integrated into the system in real time through the sensor fusion technique. This allows the vehicle to see with digital eyes, analyze the surrounding environment and detect any changes.

Think, reason, evolve

Think, reason, evolve

The artificial intelligence software that allows the prototype to recognize the surrounding environment trains in a virtual environment in which the vehicle, reproduced through a 3D scan, is trained to avoid obstacles, recognize and avoid pedestrians and implement the sensor fusion that will be applied by the physical car to follow a route while keeping the lane.

An autonomous smart car sees us!

An autonomous smart car sees us!

The light conditions are not a problem. Our YOYO now sees us and is able to perceive and interact with our surroundings. Stop at the crossroads, accelerate on the straight, brake downhill, follow a predefined route. YOYO is able to recognize obstacles and adapt to unexpected situations.