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The revolution of urban mobility

Making urban mobility a joy for everyone.

Our mission is to provide everyone with sustainable urban mobility for a better and shared future. We do this by pursuing cutting-edge innovation, technology and design that place the individual at the center of our attention for a sensational user experience.
Our History

Our History

In 2018, XEV was born in Turin, an innovative brand with an ambitious goal: to create an electric car for everyone. The goal is to bring accessible technologies to the automotive market that everyone can benefit from, giving life to responsible mobility that is attentive to environmental impact.

In addition to this, the will to solve the problems common to electric: high purchase prices and inadequate charging capacity. YOYO arrives in Italy in May 2021 with an innovative recharging solution: Battery Swapping whose network is in vast expansion. The mobility revolution has begun and will soon be even more exciting thanks to the customization, possible with our 3D printing technology and the expansion of the range, to meet the needs of a diversified and informed consumer.

From June 2023, YOYOMY23 arrives in 4 new versions designed to bring even more comfort, style and fun to the urban mobility of the driver.

Our values


Our products are designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone.


We believe in the creation of responsible vehicles, dedicated to improving urban mobility and reducing environmental impact.


We constantly pursue cutting-edge excellence in innovation, technology and design.